Thomas Ringling


Just now

Here is what I do right now

Updated: 8. august 2019
  • Marangu

    Working on our newest project in xwave - more info later

  • My website

    This one :) and under development

  • Vacation

    Ready to fly to Alicante in Spain for bi-weekly vacation....vamos a la playa


Newest stuff I play around with
  • Jekyll

    Jekyll for my own website - because I still love Ruby

  • Gridsome

    Gridsome as an Vue.js alternative to Gatsby(React) and slightly more Javascripty than Jekyll (if thats your flavour)

  • Netlify

    Netlify is where I host this site. However Github Pages is an excellent and free alternative and works like a charm when using Jekyll

  • tailwind css

    Used it for my CV webpage, but otherwise playing around with tailwind css for now.


Tools I use daily or experiment with
  • Visual Studio Code

    My go to editor on all platforms, Windows, OS X & Ubuntu

  • Pixelmator

    My go to image editing tool

    Simpler than Photoshop, but has everything I need

  • Adobe Xd

    I have just started using this tool for UI design

    It is free and looks pretty promising

  • Docker

    I have 'played' around with Docker since 2013

    I use it in production, but mostly for development and when I try new stuff